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        Snapper (Aus) Wild Caught Fillet +/-150g
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        Snapper (Aus) Wild Caught Fillet +/-150g

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        +/- 150grams

        Semi-firm flesh with a low oil content and coarse flakes, excellent for most cooking methods including whole and smoking.

        Members of the Sparidae family. One of the largest and most valuable coastal fisheries, the species extend over a wide variety of habitats, such as reefs, sand and mud bottoms. Snapper are golden-pink to tones of red above, flecked with blue spots, with the colour paling to white on the belly. They have a large head, strong teeth, and moderately firm scales.

        Length: 30-50cm, up to 100cm
        Weight: 1-2.5kg, up to 19kg
        Availability: All year round

        Nutritional information for 100g
        Energy 382kj
        Protein 19.0g
        - Total 1.6g
        - Saturated 0.4g
        - Carbohydrate 0.3g
        - Sugars 0.3g
        Sodium 98mg

        Fish vary in size, the invoiced weight of your fish will be within + or - 10% of your ordered weight.