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    Gurnard Red (NZ) - Fillet

    Gurnard Red (NZ) - Fillet

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    +/- 150grams

    A succulent, medium textured, flaky flesh with a low oil content. Gurnard works well with many flavours and styles of cuisines.

    Coincidently, the name Gurnard comes from the French and Latin verbs for the grunting sound this fish makes. They have large pectoral fins which open up like wings and ‘feeler feet’ to stir up the sea floor for food.

    Widespread across NZ, they are often caught on sandy shell seabeds at depths up to 180m.


    Length: 20-30cm up to 50cm

    Weight: 500g-2kg

    Availability: All year round

    Market names

    Canada: Grondin rouget Commonwealth: Krasnaya trigla The Netherlands: Poon, Grondin rouget Germany: Knurrhahn roter Japan: Houbou Korea: Jom yang tae

    Spain: Garneo, Rubios, Arete, Galina

    Nutritional information for 100g

    Energy 375kJ

    Protein 20.6g


    - Total 0.7g

    - Saturated 0.1g

    - Carbohydrate 0.3g

    - Sugars 0.3g

    - Sodium 99mg

    Fish vary in size, the invoiced weight of your fish will be within + or - 10% of your ordered weight.