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        Tilapia (Local) Fillet IQF +/-100g

          Tilapia (Local) Fillet IQF +/-100g

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          Size: +/- 200g per portion
          Description: Mild & Tender
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          +/- 100g per portion 

          Tilapia is a mild, tender fish that cooks quickly and easily. It’s a popular fish because it’s so mild; even people who don’t like fish tend to enjoy tilapia. Tilapia tastes great with your favorite marinade, sauce or salsa on top. It’s great for fish tacos and lightly breaded and pan fried makes for a delicious fish sandwich! Tilapia can also be baked or added to soups and stews. A great choice for those of you eating healthy - tilapia is lean and full of protein - try it on top of a fresh green salad. Heart-healthy tilapia contains Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, Calcium, Potassium, and Niacin.