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    Pink Link (NZ) Wild Caught IQF +/-150g

      Pink Link (NZ) Wild Caught IQF +/-150g

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      +/- 150grams

      Tasty, versatile and firm-fleshed. Ling have large, moist fillets and can be cooked in almost anyway, often served raw as sashimi or in wok cooking.

      Ling is a bottom dwelling fish mainly caught around the bottom of the South Island and over the Campbell Rise. The overall body colour is mottled pink to orange with irregular brown bands and white belly.

      Length: 80-120cm
      Weight: 4-10kg, up to 20 kg
      Availability: All year round

      Market names
      Commonwealth: Tchornyi kongrio
      Australia: Pink Ling The Netherlands/
      Germany: Leng France: Lingue Italy:
      Molva Japan: Kingukurippu, Kingu, Ashiro
      Korea: Hong maegi

      Nutritional information for 100g
      Energy 362kJ
      Protein 19.7g
      - Total 0.8g
      - Saturated 0.2g
      - Carbohydrate 0.2g
      - Sugars 0.2g
      - Sodium 142mg