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    Holland Royal Blue Mussels

    Holland Royal Blue Mussels

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    1kg pack

    Holland Royal Blue Mussels live pot ready mussels. 1kg pack Slightly smaller mussels approx 75 mussels per kg. *Should be kept in refrigerator below 5C.

    BRC Certification
    In addition to the BRC certification, which highlights the safety of production processes, our growers and processing companies has also been rewarded for its environmental friendliness and sustain- ability. This is reflected in both their MSC certification as well as the Euro Leaf certification from the European Union.
    The growers and processing companies we work with, holds a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody Standard certificate. MSC is an independent, international non-profit organization that aims to reduce overfishing throughout the world. The MSC stand- ards comply with the toughest practical criteria in the world and help the fish markets to move over to sustainable fishing.
    Euro-Leaf Certification 
    The European Union has taken action against the unofficial growth in certification for organic products. This has resulted in an umbrella quality mark, namely the ‘Euro Leaf ’ bio- certificate. This is only awarded to companies that meet the strict requirements established by the European Union and extensively tested by SKAL.