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        Lemon Sole (NZ) Wild Caught Whole IQF +/-350g
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        Lemon Sole (NZ) Wild Caught Whole IQF +/-350g

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        +/- 300g-400g

        Lemon Sole

        Plate size wild caught flat fish.

        Lemon Sole have delicate, moist, white flesh with low oil content. The upper fillets are slightly darker but whiten on cooking. Lemon Sole has a sweet delicate flesh, ideal for any sole recipes and work especially well with creamy white wine sauces. As well as being a great fish cooked on the bone, fillets are always popular and best shallow fried, steamed or baked.


        Flatfish are managed by the Quota Management System (QMS). The annual catch limit for Flatfish has varied from 5,409 to 6,670 tonnes since 1986. Stock abundance of Flatfish can vary considerably in response to environmental variation. Accordingly, catch limits may be changed frequently to respond to these fluctuations.

        All commercially caught New Zealand Flatfish species are available year round and are managed together (in 5 stocks) with a combined Total Allowable Commercial Catch of 5,419 tonne.

        Nutritional information (per 100g portion)

        Kcal : 88.0000
        Protein (g) : 18.6
        Carbohydrate (g) : 0.3
        Sugars (g) : 0.3
        Fat (g) : 1.3
        Cholesterol (mg) : 39
        Sodium (mg) : 120