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    Clams Cloudy Bay - Diamond Shell 1kg
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    Clams Cloudy Bay - Diamond Shell 1kg

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    Description: RAW FROZEN (Behave like fresh - can cook from frozen and clam will open like it fresh)
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    1kg pack

    Wild caught, lightly blanched.

    Harvested from the 3 to 5 metre surf zone, the Diamond Shell is naturally full of plump meat, yielding 28-35% meat to shell ratio.  The Diamond Shell clam has a beige coloured shell with a rich, deep coloured meat and white tongue. With a mild, sweet ocean flavour and a crisp texture, the Diamond Shell is great for a broad range of preparations – both raw and cooked.

    Taste Profile

    The Diamond Shell is characterised by its sweet, fresh sea spray aroma and clean ‘wild ocean’ flavour. When cooked, the clam exhibits a fresh, fragrant scent of seaweed, with a rich, buttery flavour and a discreet nutty aftertaste.