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    Caviar Tobiko Flying Fish - Red
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    Caviar Tobiko Flying Fish - Red

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    80 grams

    Tobiko Flying Fish Caviar profile

    Available in black, orange, red, golden and wasabi flavors, this capelin and flying fish roe is delicate and refreshing. Its light, glossy grains are reminiscent of a fresh ocean breeze. Tiny, spicy and “chewy” eggs will add an exotic touch to any seafood dish or canapés.

    Flying Fish Roe profile

    The small roe of flying fish is readily available and served as a form of caviar. In Japan it is referred to as Tobiko and enjoyed as a delicacy. Flying fish caviar is commonly served as a topping or garnish for sushi, cheese, crab cakes, salmon and other fish and seafood dishes. The natural color of flying fish roe is red-orange, slightly sweet in flavor with a mild smoky and salty overtone. The roe of Flying fish is usually collected in different parts of the ocean from the surface of the water. This roe has a semi-hard, crunchy texture, beautiful transparent and translucent pearls that are reminiscent of glass beads. The roe of flying fish will not soften when added to liquids, which makes it a preferred choice for salad dressings and dips.

    Typically, flying fish roe is colored for presentation and flavored to denote various flavors:

    • Orange (natural color of flying fish roe) - Mild smoky, salty flavor
    • Yellow (usually yuzu is used) - Spicy ginger flavor
    • Green (mixed with wasabi) - Mildly spicy wasabi flavor
    • Red - Flavored with chili pepper
    • Black (squid ink) - Slightly sweet and salty flavor

    Suggested use: Flying fish roe is usually sold to Japanese or Asian cuisine restaurants and bars. Serving flying fish roe on sushi commonly indicates a very high end restaurant or a very traditional one. This roe can be suggested to a chef who is catering a private party where Asian or Fusion cuisine is on the menu however, it will also make a great garnish to any seafood dish and will add a splendor of colors to a holiday table.