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        Time to impress your friends & family!

        Put on a show by shucking the oysters in front an audience! Follow this guide we've prepared and learn to shuck safely whilst looking cool!

        What you'll need:

        1. An oyster (Go for small to medum sized oysters first for practice. We highly recomend either the Tragheanna Bay or Irish Premium Oyster!)

        2. A dry clean towel (To hold the oyster in place and keep the shucking clean and tidy. You can use our very own SRS shucking board if you feel you need the extra help!)

        3. A good shucking knife! (Short, sturdy and sharp like our own SRS shucking knife!)


        1. Gently rinse and wash off dirt or loose shells off your oysters.

        2. Use the folded towel, hold the oyster with the hinge facing away from your palm.

        3. Insert the tip of the blade into the hinge. For better grip, Hold the knife by the tip of the blade. This will ensure that should the knife slip whilst opening the oyster, you will not cut yourself.

        4. Start moving the blade side to side the hinge. Try to get the tip of the knife inside the lid, at least 2cm in.

        5. Once the tip of the knife is in the lid, twist the knife a few times. You can use more effort if the oyster is being stubborn. You will hear a 'POP' sound when the lid is succesfully opened.

        6. Open the lid further and cut/detach the upper abductor muscle of the oyster from the lid. You should be able to see the whole oyster.

        7. Proceed to cut/detach the lower abductor muscle of the oyster from the bottom shell, turn the oyster over and its READY TO SERVE!

        Video Tutorial by America's Test Kitchen