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    Chef Balan, Southern Rock Seafood
    Wild Caught New Zealand Lemon Sole Meunière
    Happily our Fishmonger next door entered the lockdown with a good stock of this wonderful fish, wild caught in New Zealand.
    Lemon Sole is a great substitute for Dover Sole for the classic Meunière. Meunière French for miller’s wife so named for flour in which the fish is dredged before cooking.  
    What you will need:
    Butter 100g
    Onion chopped 2 tbsp
    White wine 15ml
    Thyme 1sprig
    Cream 1tbsp
    Salt and pepper
    Juice of half Lemon 
    French bean blanched
    Sauteed potatoes
    1. Skin and defrill the fish and remove the head
    2. Season the fish and dredge the fish in flour
    3. Pan fry in 1tbsp butter on hot skillet Once golden (about 3-4mins) flip add butter, cook the other side occasionally spooning over the butter
    4. Set aside the fish and make the sauce
    5. Sauté onion in white wine in hot skillet until translucent
    6. Off the heat and add the remaining butter. Whisk until thickening then add capers and cream and lemon juice 
    7. Season to taste and serve with the veggies